Is It Silly To Buy A Samsung Galaxy S2 Now That S3 Is Near?

With 2012 bringing a long line of quad-core smartphone announcements with higher resolutions, the current crop of smartphones on the market may seem a little underwhelming. The top Android smartphone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S2, however still continues to sell well and brings up the question – is it still ok to buy a Samsung Galaxy S2?

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S2 was first announced back in May and available in international markets shortly after, the Galaxy S2 is now almost approaching its 1-year anniversary. So should you invest in one or wait for its successor, the Galaxy S3.

Is it still too late to buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 now that the S3 is so close?

Given last year’s roll out schedule by US carriers, even if the Samsung Galaxy S3 is announced next month, it could be up to 6 months before its US variants hit the market i.e. this fall. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is arguably better than anything on the market right now, including devices launched after it. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was meant to be a generation ahead of the S2 but with a marginally better CPU and worse GPU, it definitely isn’t.

Furthermore, recent tests proved that quad-core smartphones were not necessarily more powerful than the dual-core variants despite the extra cores. So don’t let the quad-core hype make you look down at dual-core phones just yet.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Android smartphone right now, there’s arguably no better choice than the Samsung Galaxy S2. On a side note, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was voted as the best smartphone of the year at MWC 2012. The iPad took the prize for best tablet.

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