No iPad 3 Tomorrow, iPad HD Instead (CNET)

With now less than 48 hours remaining before the next-generation Apple tablet is officially revealed at the Apple event in San Francisco, tech pundits appear to be grasping at whatever sources their hands can get hold off. The latest comes way of CNET’s Josh Lowensohn who states, “Next iPad will be the iPad HD, not the iPad 3”.

CNET claims next-gen Apple tablet called iPad HD, not iPad 3

With a headline that shows no sign of doubt whatsoever, one would think that CNET has received official word from Apple itself. However that isn’t the case when you read the full story and instead they point the intel to a “developer who’s previously provided reliable information with respect to things Apple and otherwise.”

The story, which can be read here, further goes on to disappoint as it supposedly goes hunting for clues but comes up empty handed. Take for instance this paragraph from CNET’s story:

“The owner of told CNET earlier today that he registered the domain before the original iPad was announced in 2010. He told us that he’s never been contacted by Apple about the domain in the years he’s held onto it. That includes the last few weeks.”

We’ll be at the Yerba Center in CF for the unveiling of the iPad 3, stay tuned for the real details.