Dolphin Browser HD For Android Gets Sonar Voice Commands [VIDEO]

Dolphin Browser HD continues to innovate as they try and keep their lead in the browser market for the Android platform. Once hailed as the ideal replacement for the stock Android browser, we have since then seen serious competition from the likes of Firefox and Chrome. Now the latest Dolphin Browser HD update, 7.4, brings Sonar voice commands.

Dolphin Browser HD 7.4 hits Android Market

Now don’t let the word “sonar” fool you. It is based on the standard Google speech-to-text interface for actually interpreting your voice, so don’t expect any dolphin talking abilities. However where it differs is that it reacts to other web related commands such as “Facebook John Smith” which looks for his Facebook profile. In addition to this, you can voice control common browser functions like bookmarking a page or opening a new tab based solely on your voice.

While this sounds like another play on Siri, given that it is caged to just the web browser, it will likely bring other surprises as well. Dolphin Browser HD 7.4 is now available in the Android Market. Check out the funny video below showing how Dolphin Browser HD’s sonar voice command works. Even if you’re not bothered with changing the stock browser, the video is entertaining by itself.

Dolphin Browser HD 7.4 Sonar voice commands

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