Motorola Shows How Slow Witted Siri Is Versus Ava

Now that Motorola owns Google, it looks like its time for the Motorola marketing department to show their allegiance by boasting one of Android’s less-known features and simultaneously taking pot shots at the iPhone, their new owner’s biggest rival.

Motorola shows how slow witted Siri on iPhone is compared to Android Voice Actions

The clever (yet somewhat boring) videos below were published by Motorola recently and pitted the Motorola Atrix 2 and other Motorola devices with Android Voice Actions (Ava) against iPhone’s Siri.

The idea behind the videos is to show iPhone users who have been seduced by Siri that it isn’t the best voice assistant on the planet, not by a long shot.

As can be seen in the videos, Ava find you a gardener before Siri can make out the word. Ava texts Maria before Siri can find her in your phone book. Well enough chatter, check out the videos below.

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