Samsung Galaxy S3: No More Shortage, Stocks Catch Up To Demand

Samsung have finally resolved the shipping delays that have haunted the handset since it was launched and which have seen those who have pre-ordered handsets, still waiting for them to arrive, reports CNET.

Samsung Galaxy S3 shipping delays rectified

The handset manufacturer has been working very hard to meet the demands for the new Galaxy S3 and have also played catch up to get them delivered to suppliers. Customers on Sprint were warned last week that they would have to wait to get their hands on the phone due to overwhelming demand and limited supply of the handset. AT&T along with BluTekUSA also gave out the same announcements.

It seems that Samsung were taken by surprise with the popularity of the Galaxy S3 as they had estimated that they would sell around 10 million devices in the first two months of it being out. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the delays may have cost Samsung around 2 million units of sale. The handset went on sale on 29th May and within a couple of weeks there was short supply of the pebble blue version. According to Reuters the delay has been rectified and Samsung are meeting demands for the phone.

Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S3 at just the right time since Apple will not be launching their iPhone 5 until October, at least. It seems that Samsung may have forgotten that there is not much by way of new smartphones out there at the moment and so underestimated how well the S3 would sell. Protection Status