Official MacBook Pro 2012 Price, Specs & Little Details

Apple revealed their new MacBook Pro at the WWDC last night and it comes with a Retina display, is a mere 0.71 inches thick and comes with a price tag of $2,199.

New MacBook Pro 2012 announced at WWDC 2012, now available

Apple is calling it the “next generation” MacBook Pro and Phil Schiller from Apple said that the device is one of the most beautiful that they have ever made. One of the features which stand out above all others is the superb Retina display which comes with 2880×1800 pixels on the 15.4 inch screen with 220ppi. The laptop weighs around 4.5lbs which makes it the lightest laptops to come from Apple.

Along with being described as being beautiful on the outside the same can be said of the interior. There is an i7 quad core processor and the device comes with 16GB RAM. Apple has moved away from the traditional method of storage, the hard drive, to make sure that the laptop remains thin. Instead they are focusing on flash storage and it offers 768 GB. The battery life is said to be excellent at 7 hours and the device comes with an SD card slot and for the first time ever, HDMI. It also comes with USB 3, Thunderbolt ports and connectivity for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The keyboard remains backlit and the track pad is multi-touch.

Apple said that not including standard parts they are able to create a laptop that is not only more elegant when it comes to looks but is also more efficient. During the keynote they bragged about the design of the MacBook Pro including the fans which have been placed asymmetrically to ensure quieter operation.

You can get your hands on the MacBook Pro from today and it starts at $2,199 for the model with 256 GB storage with a 2.3 GHz quad core processor and 8GB RAM. Protection Status