Lack Of Xbox One Kinect Extension Cable Angers Gamers

The Xbox One has been on the market for some time and the console has sold well. Owners however are not too happy as it seems there is a problem with the cable or lack of it. On the Xbox 360 the Kinect 1.0 was offered with a cable of 50 feet which allowed people to put the Kinect anywhere they wanted. The new Xbox One and Kinect 2 doesn’t arrive out of the box with an extension cable, which limits were the owner can put the console.

This has left gamers calling for the release of such a cable over in the forums. Many homes have the TV fitted onto the wall so cables have to go in a track into a room so that wires can be kept organized. It seems that the stock cable that arrives with the console is just not long enough.

Gamers took to Google to search for such a cable and found out that there isn’t one. It may be possible to use the USB 3.0 extension cable but this could be a risk as compatibility isn’t known.

Due to this some people have been put off buying the Xbox One and Kinect 2. No one would want to purchase a console and then have to reorganise their TV location just to play. Gamers have been left waiting and many hope that a 3rd party accessory maker will rise to the challenge. Protection Status