Volkswagen Future Budget Brand Won’t Last Long!

For the last half-a-decade or so, we’ve been hearing Volkswagen revealing that they are developing a new brand that will develop budget vehicles for emerging automotive markets.

However, developments have suffered many delays as VW struggles to find the right profit margin for the budget vehicles that bears a new budget badge. Like Renault and the Dacia, this budget line of cars will be manufactured in China and shipped to emerging markets.

In detail, there will be three cars getting produced and they will all cost under the $10,000 mark. One is a compact sedan. The other is an estate and lastly, there is an MPV. The cars will only have basic features to offer like air-conditioning. Airbags, on the other hand, are optional features.

While the budget brand is still unnamed, we feel that it will probably end up like SEAT and Skoda. Both VW-owned brands started off as a budget entity for the company. They may have started off in the budget category but now, they are on the same wavelength with Volkswagen.

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