Mercedes Has The Answer To The Porsche Panamera

Porsche has already confirmed on the production of the new-generation of Panamera and now, this upcoming car is being rivalled by Mercedes-Benz. The luxury carmaker has been teasing on a future car that is based on the next-gen CLS and it is tentatively called the GT4.

Even so, the GT4 won’t be anything like the CLS as it looks to come with its own unique styling that is different form the platform it is on. While details are still scarce at the moment, rumours are tipping the GT4 to come with a 4-seat interior.

The only difference between the GT4 and the Panamera is that the vehicle is going to come with a single engine option and it is the 600PS 4L V8 engine.

Of course, more on this will be revealed when the GT4 makes its debut somewhere in 2019. When the GT4 arrives, Mercedes will be pricing it at approximately $150,000. Protection Status