Ford Ranger Facelift Will Leave The Colorado Eating Its Dust

If you think that the Chevrolet Colorado is great, wait till you meet the next-gen Ford Ranger Facelift that is currently in production. The latter is confirmed to be better than the Chevrolet Colorado on every front, even though it is still in development.

The announcement was made by Ford Asia Pacific and the company also launched a teaser trailer for the Ranger Facelift. Unfortunately, the upcoming vehicle is of the T6 Ranger family so it won’t be coming to the US.

Nevertheless, the Ford Ranger Facelift will sport triple floating slats on the grille, similar to the ones on the last-generation of F-150. Also, the vehicle is described as something smarter, safer, smoother and stronger than its predecessor.

Of course, Ford failed to share on the engines and performance that will be offered with the upcoming Ranger but the teaser video above should get the car junkies hyped up.

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