Chrysler Recall Now Includes Dodge Models Too

Chrysler went public earlier today to announce on a mass recall for the 2005 Dodge RAM pickup truck. This is due to a suspect fault with the rear axle ad drive shaft. The recall was a big surprise for Dodge RAM owners as the model affected are considered an old vehicle.

In total, 288,000 units are affected and it is important for the owners to get the vehicle inspected as soon as possible. This is due to the risk that comes with the faults. Chrysler revealed that the rear-axle pinion nut might come loose and cause a seizure that can lead the RAM to spin out of control.

An investigation by NHTSA revealed that there are already 3 crashes and 1 injury caused by the malfunctioning axle. Some RAM drivers are already aware of the problem when they revealed the wheels tend to lock whenever they are driving a 50mph.

With that being said, RAM owners should act fast to get the issue fixed. Chrysler has also promised that there won’t be any charges incurred if the parts need replacing.


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