4 New Jeep SUV Concepts Unveiled With Oriental Prints [PICS]

xJeep was very vocal back at the last Beijing Motor Show when they unveiled four new concept vehicles. The concepts are identified as the Renegade-based Zi You Xia, the Wrangler Sundancer and the Cherokee Sageland and Urbane.

In detail, Jeep revealed that all four vehicles are specially made for the local Chinese market. The first to get unveiled is the Zi You Xia and it comes with Chocolate Grey paintjob with Dark Anodized Bronze accents. The roof panel, grille surrounds and door mirror caps, on the other hand, are painted in Dark Charcoal.

There is an explanation for the choice of colour for the Zi You Xia. The name itself translates to rebel and Jeep believes that dark colours are the perfect way to represent the name.

The next concept that was unveiled was the Wrangler Sundancer. Light the bright golden sun, the car too has gold accents running all over it. The primary colour opted is Chocolate Brown and the interior is fully themed in gold.

Then there is the Cherokee Sageland and Urbane. The former is said to represent rural China while the latter symbolizes modern China. The Sageland, in particular, sports Ivory tri-coat Pearl with Satin Bronze chrome accents. The interior seats are all stitched with Chinese knot design to represent the nation’s rich culture.

As for the Urbane, it wears a Maximum Steel paintjob with Hyper Black accents making up its roof rack, door mirror caps, grille collars, front and rear fascias, wheel finishings, vehicle badging and antenna. Over in the interior, everything is painted in Piano Black, with Chinese calligraphy printed all over the place.


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