2016 Ford Focus RS: US Release Doubtful?

With both the EcoBoost powered Lincoln MKC and Ford Mustang around, many are wondering if Ford is to release the Focus RS here in the US. The sports hatch is expected to make its debut in 2016 and we feel that it will be made for the home market as well.

This is pretty obvious if car junkies are to study Ford’s behaviour in the past decade. The carmaker has been very aggressive which makes it all the more likely for them to launch the Focus RS in the US. Yes, the latter might be unnecessary in the US since the market is crowded but if it does get launched, it won’t be the first time for Ford.

The worst possible scenario is with Ford launching the Focus RS in limited numbers. That way, the carmaker can restrict their losses to a certain amount if the hatchback fails to sell well.

Nevertheless, such a happening seems unlikely. After all, the 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine that will be powering the Focus RS will make the car more appealing than most other vehicles in the same segment.

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