2015 Toyota Hilux: It’s Getting Bigger

2014 ended with the Chevrolet Colorado taking all the attention for reviving the pickup truck industry through offering a stylish vehicle that boasts a nice balance in power and fuel economy. This year, things are going to end differently as Ford is looking to release the next-gen F-150 and so is Toyota with the future Hilux.

The Ford F-150, in particular, is already tipped to be favourites in the spiced up pickup truck competition when released. This is because the vehicle is made of aluminium body that will allow it to offer more power and definitely better fuel economy than the Chevrolet Colorado.

The underdog in this contest is going to be with the Hilux. While the upcoming pickup truck might no be from an American carmaker, Toyota has made it known that they will be designing it the American way through adding tons of muscles that gives of a bold stance. As such, the next-gen Hilux is going to be so much larger than before.

While details are still scarce at the moment, market insiders have confirmed that the Hilux will be coming with three engine options. They are discovered to be the 2.5L diesel, the 3L diesel and the 4L V6 engine. Regardless of which engine is chose, they will all be equipped with Toyota’s fuel saving technology to ensure better gas mileage than both the Colorado and the F-150.

On the downside of things, both Toyota and Ford has failed to share on when the Hilux and the F-150 will be released. For all we know, both pickup trucks will be looking to make their respective debut this year.


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