2015 Nissan 370Z: New Digits, Same Z

Nissan confirmed last year that the 370Z will be updated with a brand new model and it is due to arrive this year. However, things will be different for the upcoming roadster as it won’t be coming with a 3.7L V6 engine.

Nissan teased that the 370Z will instead come with a smaller engine capacity that is capable of offering power like the existing V6 mill. This is so that owners will get to enjoy a lower running cost 370Z and also the power that it holds.

Then again, a smaller engine capacity would also mean that the upcoming vehicle can’t be called the 370Z. After all, the numeric represents the engine displacement but the fortunately, the Z will remain intact.

On the downside of things Nissan has failed to share on the sort of engines that will be offered with the Z. Since the roadster is due to arrive this year, then it won’t be long until more details get shed on the matter.


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