2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price Confirmed: Too Expensive For Many?

Honda UK made a shocking announcement on its Twitter account yesterday when it revealed the launching price tag of the upcoming Honda Civic Type-R. It was made known on the Tweet that the highly anticipated sports hatch will be retailing at £42,950.

In detail, the £42,950 will come with one day track pass. On the downside of things, no details were shared on what kind of track pass Honda was referring to.

The announcement too created an uproar among car junkies as many find the price tag as too steep. Then again, fans need to also consider the fact that the upcoming Honda Civic Type R will be nothing like its predecessors. After all, the car managed to become the world’s fastest FWD vehicle to race on the Nurnbergring, even when it is still in development.

.Things got mysterious when we were informed that the Tweet has been removed. Could it be accidental? That is the question that remains unanswered. Nevertheless, we managed to get a screenshot of the Tweet and fans can view it above.

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