2015 Honda Civic Type-R Launching Price Unveiled, Comes With A Hidden Surprise

Come next year, Honda will be launching the all-new Civic Type-R and today, consumers can learn on the price tag of the vehicle. This is after Honda UK revealed on their Twitter that the Civic Type-R will be retailing at £42,950.

While that might sound too costly for many, it is worth noting that the Civic Type-R is one super powerful car. Even when it is in development, the sports hatch has already landed in the record books for being the world’s fasters FWD car that has ever raced at the Nurnbergring.

In addition to that, Honda will be throwing a day track pass to buyers for free if they purchase the next-generation Civic Type-R on launching day. There, Civic owners will get the opportunity to race on their vehicle through legal means.

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