2015 Ford Mustang GT 350 Boss Imagined! [PICS]

Come next year, Ford will be launching the next-generation Mustang GT350 and it is going to be a magnitude better than other vehicles that belong in the same segment. Unfortunately, nobody has a clue on how the GT350 will be made to appear like.

That is until today when a fan-made concept went viral on the internet and wowed the world with a splendid rendition of the upcoming Mustang GT350. As seen on the picture above, the car comes with a beautiful set of wheels that looks like those on the Ford Focus RS and the Lamborghinis.

Also, the car comes with a lowered stance to gain more stability, better aerodynamics and of course, a sportier overall look. Then again, the concept design somehow messes with our heads when we notice it looks like the Ford Fusion from a different angle.

On the downside of things, the concept image is nothing more than a fan art. For the official thing, car junkies will have to wait until next year when we’re nearing the Mustang GT350’s release.

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