2015 Ford Bronco Facing An Identity Crisis

Earlier this year, Ford launched an all-new pickup truck in South America and it is called the Troller. The vehicle was initially mistaken for the Ford Bronco, due to its many similarities with the discontinued legend.

Nevertheless, car junkies here in the US still believe it to be a Bronco and have since been hoping for the truck to get released in North America. Well, this might just happen as new rumours are suggesting that Ford’s SVT is developing the US version of the Troller.

Unlike the South American model, the US Troller is going to be more identical to the last Bronco concept that was seen about a decade ago. Also, the Troller will be built on the same platform that is used by the Ford Atlas.

While the details are still scarce at the moment, the rumours were kind enough to share that the upcoming Troller will be fitted with the EcoBoost engine and a host of technologies like a 360-degrees camera.

The word is that the Ford Troller will be released next year. As much as Ford wishes to deny it as the Bronco, there is no doubt that the Troller is the reincarnated legendary pickup truck.


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