2015 Ford Bronco Coming With A Different Identity

A couple of months ago, Ford launched the T4 Troller in South America. It became a huge buzz worldwide as the pickup truck was mistaken for the Bronco. This cannot be helped as the Troller carries a lot of similarities with the once great vehicle from the mid-90s.

Now, the rumours are saying that Ford is currently developing the Troller for the US market and it is due next year. The vehicle will be built by Ford’s SVT and is aspired by the offerings in Ford Atlas.

Of course, the truck will be badged as the Troller. As much as Ford wouldn’t want to admit it, avid Bronco fans believe it is the reincarnation of the old model.

The Troller will be coming with a 360-degree camera that will make it easier for drivers to park the vehicle and moving around narrow areas. Of course, this is still based on rumours so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.


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