2015 BMW 9-Series: Where Art Thou?

Looking back at last year’s Beijing Auto Show, BMW unveiled on the Vision Future Luxury concept which teased on a possible new luxury segment being developed by the German carmaker. Today, rumours have surfaced suggesting that the tentatively-named 9-Series sedan is in the works.

The vehicle is revealed to be bigger than the existing 7-Series model and is aimed at pushing the luxury offerings to new heights. Also, rumours highlighted that the 9-Series will be so sophisticated that it will be in direct competition with the Bentleys, Rolls Royce and other premium luxury vehicles.

Of course, this is still based on rumours and it is best taken with a pinch of salt. The word is that the decision will be finalized when Harald Kruger takes over at BMW’s helm this May.

Then again, this seems likely to happen and it is a future that is being pursued by BMW rival companies such as Mercedes Benz. The latter has already confirmed that they will be producing the Maybach 600 and it will be the company’s first ever ultra-rich vehicle.

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