GTA 5 Xbox One And PS4 Ports Aren’t A Biggie But Online Is

GTA 5 has been released for months now and it fully deserved to be the winner for Game of The Year. Despite the fact that GTA 5’s multiplayer mode started of with a lot of issues, the game went to full flight as soon as the 1.06 patch update got rolled out.

Rockstar certainly did a great job in creating the GTA franchise. All that is left now is for a whole line-up of DLC to make its way into the game. Apart from GTA 5, the game developer hinted that it is creating something big which many believes it could be either Red Dead Redemption 2 or Bully 2. Both titles are great games themselves and has bagged their own collection of trophies.

We all know how Red Dead Redemption performed. The game appears to be more fun than anticipated. Who knew that there could be a western cowboy GTA game?

It is also difficult to find the faults in Bully. The high school simulators where players play as a bully most certainly deserve its sequel.

Aside from that, the future looks bright for Rockstar. With the arrival of both the Xbox One and PS4, the game developer might just be grinning on the possibilities of future games. The fans might want to see a GTA 5 on the next gen consoles but perhaps the game developer is looking straight at GTA 6. Even with the existing gaming machines, GTA 5 already looked superb. There is no telling how it will fare with the Xbox One and PS4.

All in all, Rockstar will definitely get the blessing from fans in continuing its fine work. With most of its games being successful, it is difficult to find a game developer who can rival Rockstar.

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