Samsung Galaxy S3 Users Can Technically Skip 4.3 & Go KitKat

Samsung Galaxy S3 owners in the UK are in for some great news. If you’re one of the GT-i9300 users, then you are entitled to the Android 4.4 KitKat update. The downside is that the KitKat is a custom ROM and not an official one.

Despite that fact, it proves to be more reliable than the latest 4.3 Jellybean you’ve received from Samsung. The Jellybean might be great but it is plagued with bugs that can at times cause severe frustrations.

As for the KitKat, it is developed by OmniROM and is more stable than ever. However, there is an issue with the camera as well as poor video playbacks. Nevertheless, it is still much more preferred over the poorly given Jellybean update.

If you wouldn’t mind that, then here is how you can perform the update. The process requires you to install ClockworkmodTouch 6.0.32 and above to it. Also, create a backup for your phone and make sure it has no less than 50% battery juice. Finally, enable your USB debugging on your S3 settings and ensure that the USB drivers are installed on your PC>

Now download the ROM. It can be found just about anywhere in the internet. While downloading, connect your S3 to your PC via USB. By the time the download is completed, copy the OmniROM 4.4 and PA Gapps files. Paste them on your S3’s SD card. Do not extract the files.

For the next step, restart the phone into recovery mode. This can be done by holding the volume up, home and power keys simultaneously. Explore the options and you should see ‘backup and restore’. Select that and choose ‘backup’ to create one for your current ROM.

Finally, install the OmniROM 4.4 by selecting ‘install zip from SD card’. Then tap on ‘choose zip from SD card’. Search the OmniROM 4.4 and confirm the installation. Repeat the same steps with the PA Gapps after that.
Once completed, return to the main menu and do a factory reset. This is a quick process. Upon completion, restart the device and it will take quite a while before it boots up.

If all is perfectly done, your S3 should start fine and you can start enjoying your very own KitKat. Issues might happen. If your S3 is continuously booting in repeat, enter recovery mode and clear every data and that includes cache partition, Dalvick cache and wipe data. Redo the installation and try again. Protection Status