GTA 5: Xbox Offline To Online Car Exploit Found Sans Modem Disconnect

A reader has recently pointed out a glitch that is a slight rework of the method for the PS3. He said that while the glitch looks complicated to follow at first glance, it really isn’t that difficult. So games playing GTA 5 Online may want to follow the steps below for the offline to online car glitch and they don’t have to disconnect their modem.

Before you start the glitch, you do have to bear in mind that this would work with the premium vehicles; however, these cannot be sold or saved.

First, you have to set the location for spawning to the Last Location and you cannot have any personal vehicles. You then have to stand outside LSC and then change to single player.

When in GTA 5 single player mode you can get into the car and sit in it then pause the game and go back to online and start up an invite only session.

When you are in the invite only game you can then spawn just outside the LSC or even across the street from it. Then pick out a random car, get it in and put the car so that it is halfway in the doorway of the LSC. You are doing this to stop the garage door from going down and closing.

The game should be paused here and you need to go into the Xbox Games Store. You will see that after the camera has zoomed above the city the display will turn to black. In the first second of the loading screen sign out of the Xbox Live and you will be disconnected from Xbox Live and be taken into a new game.

When you get into the new game, you need to press start and then load up a saved game and sign in. You will be in single player mode and then find a car that you want and head over to the LSC as you did in the first steps. You then go to GTA online and start up an invite only session.

Again, you will have to spawn near LSC. If you go to the LSC garage door and the car will be there parked where you left it underneath the garage door. Protection Status