GTA 5 1.09 Patch Fails To Stop Delivery Of DLC Cars For Free

GTA 5’s 1.09 patch is out, but it has a new glitch. Previous to 1.09, players were using existing glitches to bag millions in dodgy (even by GTA standards) cash.

Rockstar clamped down on this pretty quickly by swiping the ill-gotten gains back, then it released 1.09. This seemed to get rid of the hackers, but they were soon replaced by other problems.

A YouTube video showed players getting new cars for free…cars like the HotKnife, the Khamelion and the Carbon RS.

If you want these three cars, you’ll need to use your in-game phone. Go online with the mobile app and look through the Legendary car shop to find these vehicles in the catalogue.

Then return to the home site, move your cursor to the address bar at the top of the browser. Then enter B (circle), then A (X). Change the address so it’s the same one as on the Legendary website.

You’ll see a sequence of numbers at the end of that address – delete it and enter the following:

28 for the Khameleon
29 for the Hotknife
30 for the CarbonRS

Load this address, then return to the homepage and hover over the search bar. Enter B, then A. Delete all the characters after the last / symbol and enter “purchase car”? Once you’ve entered this term, the bug will do its thing and you’ll see the car in your garage.

You will save some money by doing this, but hurry, as this loophole is almost certainly on Rockstar’s hitlist.

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