Pokemon X & Y’s Pokebank May Be Harmful Too

Pokemon has its place among some of the most popular games and while it has been longer than a decade since the introduction of the Pokemon, the franchise has continued to be a success with the recent release of Pokemon X and Y.

But is seems that the Pokemon community is in two minds after the release of Pokemon X & Y when Nintendo offered a cloud storage solution which allowed players to port their old Pokemon into Pokemon X & Y a.k.a the Pokemon Transported and Pokebank.

This is a great tool as it allows Pokemon players to port over Pokemon from older games to play in the new game and it could do for some years to come. However, when the PokeBank service launched it failed due to sever crashes and this split the Pokemon community into two halves over in the forums. One half is worried and the other hopeful and excited.

Those who are worried have not minded about the delays to the PokeBank as they worry about hackers being able to bypass security, which may result in hacked Pokemon flooding into the game.

At the moment getting hold of a shiny Pokemon is a huge achievement when it comes to Pokemon X & Y. But fans worry that with the help of hackers, it could mean the exploitation of the game if hacked shiny Pokemon were freely roaming around Kalos. We have already seen several videos posted on YouTube of Pokemons transferred to X & Y that never should have been able to get past the security checks of the Pokebank service.

The release of the PokeBank has been delayed and it could be for a bigger cause than securing the PokeBank service, but let’s hope that Nintendo have ensured it is harder for hackers to get into it. As of yesterday, Pokebank is now available again but only in Japan.

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