Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update Biggest Changes Explained

After a couple of months delay, 4J Studios are back and will look to deliver the TU14 update for the Xbox 360 as promised. The TU14 update was supposed to arrive last December but the game developers diverted their plans as they were working on the PS3 version of Minecraft.

With Sony’s console out of the way, Xbox 360 players can finally anticipate their update number 14. For those who have no idea on what TU14 will offer, you are in for some exciting news.

The highly popular sandbox open world game is going to have more new features added to it via TU14. With this upcoming update, Xbox 360 Minecrafters will enjoy a survival game in adventure mode where the players will have to survive with the right tools to smash blocks.

In addition to that, destroying trees with your hands will only make your characters hungrier. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t build anymore. Players are restricted to only chatting with the villagers, fight or do some scavenging by looting from treasure chests.

Trading will be much improved with the villagers having purple sparks indicating that they have items you can purchase. Speaking of items, TU14 will add in a variety of new tools and weapons. One such addition is the Ender Chests.

There are plenty more exciting things Minecraft can offer to the players with this upcoming TU14 update. With every passing second, we get closer to TU14 release. The moment it gets rolled out, we will definitely see the full changelog.

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