ZTE Axon 7 Successor Could Be Stock Android

We always talk about how smartphone manufacturers are always offering us smartphones that we do not want. Well, it looks like ZTE is trying to do something about that and if everything does go according to plan, we might end up with a ZTE smartphone that comes running on stock Android.

Called the Project CSX, ZTE is asking the public to vote and suggest ideas for their next smartphone. They have already collected the ideas and have already shortlisted it to the final 5 suggestions.

Of the 5 suggestions that made it to the final, one of them was for the next ZTE flagship smartphone to come running on the stock Android. If this ends up getting the most votes, the Axon 7 successor could be running with the stock Android. Besides the Android, the smartphone will also be getting a performance and camera update as well.

Some other suggestions that got to the final include an eye tracking, self-adhesive phone that will work just by the motion of the user’s eye. There was also the Intelligent Smartphone cover, Powerglove as well as VR-Interactive Diving Mask.

While all the ideas were pretty interesting, we think that the one that makes the most sense right now will be the stock android for the flagship idea. If you like any one of those ideas, you can head to the Project CSX website to vote for your favorite idea.

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