Xbox Scorpio Announced At The Wrong Time!

There were already talks about Xbox looking to announce an upgraded console at the E3 2016 this year but what surprise us was not that they had two new consoles to offer but the fact that we will only be seeing one of them next year.

According to Microsoft, the new upgraded version of the Xbox Scorpio will have a spec that is equivalent to a PC running on a GeForce GTX 980 graphic card. As amazing as this sounds, they also added that the Xbox Scorpio will only be arriving at the end of next year which means they could have kept it a secret and announce it at E3 2017.

With such a long waiting time, we would have probably gotten over it when the time comes for it to be release.

If you can’t wait that long, the good news is that Microsoft will be offering a new Xbox One S at the end of this year. The upgraded console will be a step up from the current Xbox One but will be a step below the upcoming Scorpio.

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