Witcher 3 Xbox One & PS4 Patch Release Details

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is one of the best games in the RPG genre for those who like playing open world games on the PS4. However gamers have been faced with a lot of frustration with issues and bugs. Now we are hearing about a patch that is making its way out and this should bring with it fixes for numerous issues.

The list of changes that have been made to the game is huge but there are some that stand out above the rest.

The patch is going to bring an alternative movement style for Geralt and you can enable this by heading into the GameplayMovement Response submenu. There is also a stash added and players are able to store loot in it and then gain access when they are in different parts of the world. The locations of the stashes are on the map.

The fix brings with it many collision fixes and this is something that has been causing gamers anguish.

It also fixes target locking and this is now a lot more responsive.

Improvements have been made to map-pins along with objectives for multiple quests.

The components for crafting along with the ingredients for alchemy don’t weigh anything.

The streaming system has been improved and this should mean textures are not as blurry and the spawn times of the NPC have been brought down. This means that there is an improvement with the speed when loading game assets.

A feature has been added so that any equipped items are highlighted in the repair panel. Read books and unread ones are marked different in the inventory panel.

There is a list of the DLC packages in the Main Menu/Options submenu.

The above is just some of the great stuff that comes with the patch for Witcher 3 and it should be arriving on the PC soon. Of course if you own the Xbox One or the PS4 you will have to wait longer for its arrival.

The Witcher 3 PS4 patch may be a couple of weeks away but you cannot help but get excited about the changes it will bring.

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