Will Fallout 4 Graphics Be Like Those On Skyrim For PS4 and Xbox One?

There are many gamers waiting for the arrival of Fallout 4 but many are now worrying that the graphics may not be up to scratch and they could end up looking like those from the game Skyrim, when the game arrives on the Xbox One and PS4. While the graphics of Skyrim were good at the time, with the arrival of the next generation consoles they don’t look anything special now.

Each of the games in the Fallout series made use of the resources of the Elder Scrolls games. When Fallout 3 came onto the scene the graphics were from the Oblivion engine. Now people believe that Bethesda could use the same engine from Skyrim for Fallout 4.

Will they use the old Skyrim engine for Fallout 4?


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