WiFi Calling For AT&T iPhone A Go

After Apple reveals the new iOS 9 beta, it comes in with the new WiFi Calling features, but after FCC claims that the WiFi Calling feature does not meet the communications commission’s standard, the feature is no longer available on the official version.

The reason why FCC stops the WiFi Calling release is because the feature cannot be used for users with hearing difficulties due to the absent teletype services. Carriers have to get a waiver from FCC in order to provide the service.

Great news is, AT&T informs that they have already got the waiver and they will be available to launch the WiFi Calling features soon.

On another note, T-Mobile and Sprint have been offering the WiFi Calling feature without the waiver from FCC. Because of that, AT&T is questioning why both of them are allowed to offer the service without the waiver.

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