Why You Should Settle For A Low-End Smartphone?

Samsung has already launched the Galaxy S6. LG has launched the G4. HTC has launched the One M9. All three flagship devices are great in their own ways but they can be really expensive to own. This is why it is better to settle for a low-end smartphones.

When we speak low-end, it is always met with a poor reaction and this is because many perceive the cheaper devices as useless. Well, an example of a cheap great smartphone is the Moto G and it is a great example to why you should settle for less.

The Moto G is cheap to own and still offers decent power. The smartphone is able to run on the Lollipop OS smoothly and can also perform multi-tasking. Heck, battery life is also impressive on non-flagship devices. This is due to their smaller processors that are not a battery sucker.

Besides, most apps on the Google Play Store are standardized to be able to run on low-end devices. So it defeats the purpose of performance on a high end smartphones since average device can run the heavy apps smoothly.

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