Which Should Pioneer PS4: Uncharted 4 Or Last Of Us 2

Sony Japan Studios Chris Ashime caused some fuss after he talked about what the next game to come from Naughty Dog might be for the PS4. He was asked about the future of Uncharted and what he said happened to be very interesting.

He did say that he knew that Naughty Dog was at work on a new game and that it was coming out on the PS4, but he said that he wasn’t sure if it was Uncharted. Fans of course could take this two ways. Perhaps he means that it could be the next game or he might have means that the developer was working on a follow up to The Last of Us.

There is no doubt that both games would be popular. PR has said that they had seen something and this could mean that Uncharted was past its sell by date. However other people said that they thought Uncharted 4 should come out next year.

PR went on to say that they now didn’t know what to think as NowGamer had said that they had been talking with Nolan North, this is the guy behind the voice of Nathan Drake, who had said that testing was underway and it was great. So will it be Uncharted 4 or not? It would be a safe bet of course and there is little doubt that the game would look great on the next gen consoles.

Meanwhile the Metro had been talking with Dominic Monaghan, the Lord of the Rings actor. He said that he is one of the voices for a character in the Uncharted game.

So there does seem to be evidence that Uncharted 4 could be coming to the PS4.

PR thought that perhaps Naughty Dog could announce the Last of Us 2 and there has been some superb ideas running around linked to the game. We did here that there may be a prequel, after all prequels are popular when it comes to the movies. The downside however would mean that the characters would have to be different.

This could perhaps be something that Naughty Dog wouldn’t like as after all they do like to keep the same characters in a game for three games at least.

Which would you like to see come out on the PS4? Would you prefer to see Uncharted 4 or the Last of Us 2?


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