When Apple iPad Meets MacBook

A lot of people seems to think that tablets will eventually replace the laptops that we have right now which is why some people think that an Apple iPad and MacBook mashup might happen in the future.

Well, ConceptsiPhone has just created a new concept that is basically a mix between the iPad and the MacBook. Like the iPad, the concept will come with a touchscreen display and like the MacBook, it will come with a physical keyboard but the one thing that seems to be missing here is the TouchPad.

While the idea behind the concept is interesting, we don’t think we will ever see it in the near future. Apple has already made it clear that they are not looking offer their laptops with a touchscreen display but Apple has gone back on their words a couple of times so we can’t throw this idea out of the window just yet.

Check out the concept and tell us what you think of it.

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