WhatsApp: Dropping The Old

WhatsApp has been around for a long time now and people have been using it as one of the main communication apps for the longest time but it looks like some smartphone users might not be able to use the WhatApp app anymore as WhatsApp announce that it will stop supporting some of the smartphones starting next year.

According to WhatsApp, all iPhones that are running on the iOS 6 or lower will not be able to run the app on their smartphone starting next year. Of course, the Apple iPhones are not the only in the list.

Those using the Android 2.2 OS and below will also not get any more support from WhatsApp. As for the Windows Phone users, those with a Version 7 or lower will also not be getting the support anymore.

A few older devices like the Nokia S40, S60 as well as the Blackberry device will be supported until the 30th of June next year.

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