Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date, Price & More Details

Watch Dogs has already been released to the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Soon, Ubisoft will be launching the game to the Wii U console. Just yesterday, the game developer released the first screenshots of Watch Dogs for Wii U, thus hinting that the release is near.

Many might wonder on why Watch Dogs is late for Wii U. Stereotypes will say that this is due to the Wii U’s different gaming mechanism that won’t play well with Watch Dogs. However, Ubisoft explained that the delayed release of the game for Wii U is simply to make sure that the game is free of bugs and the GamePad integration is working well.

Watch Dogs’ creative director, Jonathan Morin, revealed that there were some areas in the mission where the wires connected in the wrong way and it’s not really the mission itself, it’s the emergence it can create. So once you have cops showing up in a certain situation with this and with that on top of it, and it starts getting out of control in a good way, it simply collapse.

Regardless, the screenshot release means that the errors are already fix and Ubisoft is preparing to launch the title for the Wii U soon. Watch Dogs is revealed to be making its debut on November 18, together with other gaming titles like Far Cry 4, WWE 2K15 and GTA 5. Also, the game will be retailing at $59.99.

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