Watch Dogs 2: What’s The Down Low?

Watch Dogs is one of the many great gaming titles that were released this year. The game offers a unique storyline, set in an open-world Chicago and players get to enjoy playing a character that is a pro-hacker. This is the sole reason why Watch Dogs is super successful, thus, automatically seals the fate of a sequel coming in the near future.

With that being said, fans have been out and about in voicing out what they wish to see in the next Watch Dogs title, Watch Dogs 2. Well, the first thing that fans agreed on is that Watch Dogs 2 should be more engaging. This is a missing element in the first Watch Dogs and the sequel must be able to keep the fans at the edge of their seats when playing the game.

The other major change which fans are hoping for is a new protagonist. Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs is simply too dull for the fans liking. The lad lacks the character and personality to be a protagonist. The good news is that this demand is already acknowledged by Ubisoft. The game developer has confirmed that the hero in Watch Dogs 2 will be more charming and has zeal.

For a hacking game, Watch Dogs is very limited with its features. Watch Dogs 2 should also change that by adding many new hacking features in the open-world. Back in the first title, all players can do is hack into random smartphone messages and shoot. Also, the driving mechanism needs an overhaul to at least match GTA 5’s offerings.

All in all, the ideas provided by the fans are interesting and great. Watch Dogs 2 is tipped to arrive in 2016 and fans can hope that Ubisoft will take a big leap with the upcoming title. The idea is there in Watch Dogs which promises on something so much bigger in Watch Dogs 2.

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