Watch Dogs 2: Biggest Deal Breaker

The first Watch Dog game was disappointing and the developer worked hard to make up for the first game. They game the game a new protagonist and change up the style of the game so that it suit the whole hacker storyline but it looks like even with all the changes, the fans are still not happy.

While most people seems to be happy with the changes they made to the game, there are other who thinks that the developers made a mistake when they decided to turn the protagonist into a gun-wielding killer.

While it is common for the main character to go around killing their enemies, some fans are saying that that does not really fit the profile of a 20-something young hacker.

Some people are saying that the game would have been even better if the protagonist did not kill but make his way around with only his hacking skills. Do you think that would have been a better game?

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