Watch Dog 2: Will It All Come Tumbling Down?

Watch Dog 2 is having a great start. After getting rid of the boring protagonist, Ubisoft tackled the repetitive gameplay of the game. Those at Gamescom 2016 got the opportunity to try out the game and so far, the reviews have been great.

While there were a lot of reports about the multiplayer mode being glitchy and all but what can we expect from a game that is far from ready? Ubisoft is still working on it and most of the issues will most likely be fixed by the time the game arrives. The Single player mode is looking very solid as well. The question now is whether all the hype will come crashing down when the game finally arrives.

Although the game looks good right now, we still do not know what’s Ubisoft solution for the repetitive gameplay but there seems to be working on making the game fun to play.

Those at the event got to try out the new Bounty Hunt where players will be split into teams. The team with the bounty will have to survive while the opposing team will have to hack their way to find the bounty and kill him. They can hack traffic lights, cars and more.

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