Watch Dog 2 Trailer Not Too Impressive, That’s Promising

After all those leaks, we finally got to see what the new Watch Dog 2 is all about. Ubisoft has just released a bunch of trailer showing off the new Watch Dog 2 game and it looks like this might be what we will be getting when the game is release later this year.

We have seen this happen a lot of times. The developer comes out with a trailer that looks great but the graphic of the actual game will not be as spectacular. Since the graphic on the trailer is not too good, we believe that this is probably how the game is going to look like when it arrives.

The trailers revealed that the new Protagonist will be called Marcus Holloway and that the game will be set in San Francisco this time around. The game will be released on the 15th of November 2016.

We are expecting to hear more about it next week at E3 2016.

Steven Estevez

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