Watch Dog 2 Playing It Safe

We have already seen it a couple of times when game developers try to rush the game and release it on time. What usually happens is that the game will often be full of problems and the fans’ gaming experience will be ruin.

To ensure that that does not happen with the Watch Dog 2 for PC, Ubisoft has just announced that they will be pushing back the game. According to Ubisoft, the extra time will be use to make sure the game runs smoothly on a board range of PC.

Well, since it is only a 2 weeks delay, we don’t think that the fans will mind. Most of them would rather have a game that works instead of getting the game fast and end up not being able to play it.

The Watch Dog 2 for PC will now be released on the 29th of November while the PS4 and Xbox One will be getting the game on the 15th of November.

Steven Estevez

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