Watch Dog 2: New Protagonist Was The Wrong Move?

We all know that Ubisoft will ditch the original Watch Dog protagonist, Aiden Pierce in the new game. With all the complaints about the character being boring and all, you would think that giving the game a new character would be the right thing to do but did Ubisoft just messed it up again.

The fans already had a glimpse of what the new protagonist is all about and some of them are saying that the new protagonist might be as bad as Aiden Pierce and that they would rather have Pierce that the new protagonist.

Poeple are already saying that the new and more hip protagonist does not look that promising but of course, we will have to wait until the game arrives to know for sure.

We think that it was the right move to take Aiden Pierce out of the picture but we will have to wait and see if they did a better job with the new character.


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