Warning: New iMac Heats Up Like A Hot Spring Fountain

The Apple iMac has long existed as the ideal platform that is best for productivity. However, the latest iMac failed to live up to the expectation of the masses as it came out with many issues.

In detail, users are reporting that this is the first time that they are experiencing overheating issues when using the iMac. Some tech experts shared that this is partly due to the new iMac design that is described as laptops on sticks. The slim and sleek styling is actually also a curse that traps heat.

Simply put, the iMac is not fit to run even the basic of games. When playing videos continuously, the iMac will also heat up uncontrollably, which is worrying to say the least. One user even shared that he used the iMac for only 7 minutes by playing games and it resulted to temperatures soaring to 104-degrees celcius.

Now that the flaw on the latest iMac is identified, it is safe to assume that device is not meant for gaming and work. The iMac is basically built to act as a simple source of entertainment.

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