Walmart Black Friday Deals: Electronic Devices Top The List

Everyone must be excited for the Black Friday sale that is happening this upcoming November 27th. To make you even more excited, Walmart has released their ad to the public and there are some promotion that will make the consumers go crazy.

Just for their loyal customers, Walmart is giving a $50 gift card for PS4 buyers. Customers can use the gift card to get price reduction for their PS4 to only $349. The PS4 controllers, on the other hand will only cost you $40 each, which is $20 off the original price.

However, Apple fans must be frustrated to know that the iPhone 6 is not a part of the Walmart Black Friday promotion. But hold your sad feeling just yet, because there might be a surprise awaiting you on Black Friday since the smartphone has high demand.

As usual, you might want to plan how your Black Friday is going to be, because it will be a lot of keen customers on that day. If you already have any device you’re aiming on that day, you better hurry!

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