Volkswagen I.D Concept The Start Of An Electrifying Journey

Well, it was clear that diesel is not going to work out for Volkswagen after what they did. Volkswagen did make it clear that they are considering electric as the next greener option and now, we are seeing what Volkswagen have been working on.

The production model of the concept will come in as a compact electric car. Called the Volkswagen I.D concept, the new concept is an electric model that will be pushing out about 168bhp and will have an electric range of 249 to 372miles. It is believed that the electric model will go on sales in 2020.

Volkswagen also added that the vehicle will come with the new Open Space interior design that will the driver and the passenger a new spatial experience when they enter the vehicle.

That is all the details we have right now about the concept but we should be hearing and seeing more as we approach the Paris Motor Show.

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