Volkswagen Atlas Looks Cleaner With Pickup Sibling Cues

The Volkswagen Atlas is not what we would call an ugly model but there is definitely too much going on right now and some people think that the Atlas could actually look better if it came with a much simpler design.

Well, it looks like artist Theophilus Chin might felt the same as well as the artist has now created a new rendering of the Volkswagen Atlas. The Volkswagen Atlas rendering that he came out with borrowed some of its design features with the Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck.

The new Amarok design gave the Volkswagen Atlas a much cleaner look and design and many fans think that Volkswagen should have gone with this instead of the one we have now. It looks classier and more elegant.

Which do you prefer, the current design or the one designed and rendered by artist Theophilus Chin? You can check out the full set of images here.

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