Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Users To Get Exclusive Surprise

One of the best handsets on Android at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now it will get even better for those on Verizon who have rooted their handsets. Of course if you are rooting your device, care does have to be taken.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t been out all that long and you don’t want to risk destroying it by rooting it. However if you have rooted the handset you will be able to use SafeStrap.

SafeStrap is a tool that stops the modders from being able to get into the Samsung Galaxy S5s core system. It allows everything else to be tweaked though and with it owners of the handset don’t have to worry anymore about bricking their handset.

The XDA Developers made the discovery and they posted details about SafeStrap on the forum. There is a guide for those who want to install it, so check it out here.

Bear in mind that SafeStrap is only for those on Verizon with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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