Verizon Looking To Take More Storage Space From Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As if the bloatware that carriers like Verizon are forcing down on us are not annoying enough, new reports are now suggesting that Verizon is looking to force more apps into our device.

According to AdAge, Verizon has been approaching retail and finance brands with the intention of having their apps installed on their Android devices. They added that they do not know id Verizon closed any deals but the fact that Verizon is trying to get more bloatware into our device is frustration enough on its own.

Of course, we will most likely be given the option to delete most of these bloatwares but that does not mean that Verizon should force all these apps on us right from the start.

If you want to avoid all these Bloatware, getting a Nexus device might be your best option right now.

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