Verizon HTC “Nexus” Won’t Impress Purist

There is not a whole lot of details about the upcoming HTC Nexus smartphones right now but one leaker seems to suggest that the upcoming Nexus smartphone will be offered by one carrier, Verizon.

According to Evan Blass, Verizon will be offering two “Nexus” this year. He reminded his followers to take note of the quotation mark which suggests that the Nexus that Verizon will be offering this year will not be the pure version.

We saw them offering the same things last year and it did not sit well with the purist. Because the Nexus devices were from Verizon, the devices will come with some extra bloatware that the pre version will not have.

We do not know what Verizon will be offering this year but those looking for a payment plan for the Nexus will be glad to know that Verizon could be offering it this year as well.

Of course, those looking for the pure version can always get the smartphone directly from Google. It is now believed that the two smartphnes, Marlin and Sailfish will be arriving this fall.

Steven Estevez

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